French Document Translation Services

We provide business and legal translations for company documents such as annual reports, financial reports, business reviews, proposals and legal contracts.

Accurate translation of legal documents is critical to avoid embarrassment or worse, liability from misunderstanding. That is why we only use professional French legal translators for French to English translations or English to French translations.

If you have a tight budget for your business documents translations, please mention this during the quote process. If we’re unable to provide the quality French translations within the deadline or budget, we’ll simply decline the assignment. As a French translation services provider, honoring deadlines and providing quality French translations are the most critical guidelines we follow for keeping our existing customers and getting referrals for new projects.

Types of documents translated

  • Company report translations
  • Business review translations
  • Financial report translations
  • Contract translation
  • News and Press Release
  • Insurance and Claims receipts
  • All Correspondence for Court