Certified French Translation

We provide French NAATI accredited certified translations for Australian immigration purposes. Your immigration documents will be translated and stamped by a registered NAATI translator. You will receive electronic copies of your document as soon as they’re translated and the hardcopy originals of your NAATI certified documents are sent to you using Australia Post, allow 3-5 working days to receive these. Hardcopies can be sent Express Post but this needs to be requested at the time of submitting your translation.

Q. Do you need the original copy?
A. No, a scan or photo is fine as long as it is clear

Q. How long does it take?
A. Once translation is complete, you will normally receive within 24 hours for an email copy and then a couple of days for a hard copy to arrive in the post.

Q. Will the translated copy have the NAATI stamp on it?
A. Yes, the translation will have all the NAATI translators details and their stamp and NAATI ID and their signature

Q. Do I need a hardcopy posted to me?
A. While not all services do require a hard copy we recommend that you get one as it is included in the price. We find 99% of the government agencies or embassies based in Australia will require you to have an original hard copy.