Students and families have used our French to English translation services for immigration, study, legal matters and employment. All documents required for immigration and visa purposes are translated accurately to ensure there is no delay in the processing due to incorrect or inaccurate translation.

Personal and Legal Translation

Legal issues such as power of attorney, estate settlements and wills are handled with strict confidentiality, as with police reports submitted for translation. We also translate real estate and insurance issues for our clients.

We provide French to English translation for medical documentation, assisting people coming to Australia from French-speaking countries who need to undergo specialist procedures.

Businesses Translation

Businesses and organisations, both large and small, trust us with the translation of a variety of documents from their most sensitive legal documentation through to their marketing and advertising material.

Given the breadth of our cultural understanding, we are able to ensure that your marketing and advertising material will get your message across to the European market from Australia, and from European into Australian markets.

Some of our more specialised fields:

  • Technical documents for Multinationals
  • Export (technology, food industry, investment projects etc.)
  • Legal (insurance claims, international legal actions, divorce, power of attorney, estate settlements, immigration etc.)
  • Medical (research, forensic etc.)
  • Art Galleries (exhibition projects, international loans)
  • Advertising (promotional brochures)
  • Academic (papers, abstracts, journal articles)
  • Government Agencies (Immigration)
  • Immigration documents (births, deaths, criminal records, marriage certificates)

Employment (CV, Resumes and References)